• Philosophy Philosophy
    • What we do? What we do?

      We are an ethical network for individuals and for organizations with the aim of raising awareness and immortalize autobiographical ethical heritage.

    • How we do it? How we do it?

      - Undertaking actions and directing the organization based on our founding philosophy.

      - Ensuring that the longevity of the company will depend entirely on the amount of participation. ETHicalHERitage refuse to sale users information from its foundation.

      - Protecting public and private contents from our members in live and after his death.

      - Updating the contents published in new formats so they can be accessible in the future.

      - Listening contributions of our members witch have direct contact with the management of the network.

    • Common benefit Common benefit

      1 - Promote the philosophical and ethical culture through the users personal involvement.

      2 - Promotes collective decisions based in principles. Highlights personal and organizational actions that are undertaken in favour of a more just and happier society. The ethical positioning members collectively will influence the taken decisions in the future.

      3 - Preserving the autobiographical ethical heritage of users orderly, brief, interconnected, and public availability. Ethical Heritage preservation facilitates cultural transmission between generations.

      4 - It promotes new social rights:

      -The right of reputation, thanks autobiographical deep understanding of people and organizations.

      - The right to be recalled by its own ethics, or its own autobiography.

      - The right to say goodbye after the death publishing information when the time comes: repentance, gratitude, recognition ...

    • How much does it cost? How much does it cost?

      - The in life service is free. ETHicalHERitage reserves the right to change the economic conditions of organizational members.

      - All users have the ability to immortalize his ethher. In order to communicate his death, or simply to immortalize the ethher of an organization, users have to make a payment exceeding 10 € into the ETHicalHERitage account of Triodos Bank in Girona (Spain).

  • Users and relationships Users and relationships
    • External visitors External visitors

      ETHicalHERitage is constituted as autobiographic network available to all Internet users. Visitors are external to a pillar unveiled the ethical heritage of our users.

    • Individuals Individuals

      People individually are the main users of the network. ETHicalHERitage is designed for them and for their happiness potential is the sum of their wills. The idea of immortality arises mainly from such users, people die, but our heritage and ethical autobiography should survive. Once a user legacy and closed with the publication of his postmortem folder that can not be reopened.

    • Organitzations Organitzations

      ETHicalHERitage to create users and organizations dedicated to a brand, a business, a shared mission, companies, universities, nonprofit organizations and other groups of individuals who share the same ideals. The influence of organizations can measure the linkages and interaction that they establish with others. This type of users, once their activity can also leave a witness to his actions, goals, intentions, ideology and legacy ... Once a user closed with the publication of his POSTMORTEM folder that no longer may reopen.

    • Relations Relations
      • Visit Visit

        The visits allow us to learn from ethher we visited. Form the basis of a deep understanding of people and organizations.

      • Follow Follow

        Ethher allows us to continue to be aware of all the news this publication. It is the simplest link between two users can at any time decide to stop following him. The series receives information that follows.

      • Mentor Mentor

        If you ask an individual user who is your mentor and accept you, constaràs as one of his disciples, will provide information on your publications Mentor and also receive their publications, both sides gain a channel internal communication. Other users can see the relationship established valuable.

        Anytime one of the two parties can complete the list of mentors, the two users will be registered ethher period ratio made.

        The individual usurious closed already published its folder postmortem obviously can not ask mentors but can select them and appear as references in our ethher. Thus an individual user that may have gone unnoticed at the time can become influential and exemplary teaching after his death.

      • Referents Referents

        Regarding the relationship is very similar to the mentor but this usually established with an organization or between organizations.

        If you ask an organization that is a respect and accept you, constaràs as one of his disciples, will provide information on your posts and respect the organization and receive its publications you have a channel of internal communication. Other users can view this link prestige among the parties.

        Anytime one of the two parties can complete the list of Reference, the two users will be registered ethher period ratio made.

        The organizational usurious closed already published its postmortem folder can select them straight and steady as references in our ethher. This organizational user may have passed unnoticed at the time can become influential and exemplary teaching after his disappearance.

      • Causes Causes

        The causes are publications that are members of the network with the aim of sharing reflections or to debate or information. Publishing their own causes or participation in other causes increases the flow of relational network. The causes are a good way to connect with others who share the same interests.

        The published content owner controls the cause, even when it's running and decide whether the public interests of others. It is also the only one that can remove a cause. On the other hand because of public acceptance, positive or negative votes, only voters dependent.

  • Functionality Functionality
    • Login-Logout Login-Logout

      Once registered users and pursuant to the direction of the arrow can access or checkout. The pictogram is always left in the corner of the screen. For a better safety of users recommended checkout before closing the browser screen.

    • Search Search

      The action is open to visitors to search the network and allows access to content and ethher published. Being content and vote or comment on the fact ethher continue to ask him to be a mentor or respect or send a message are actions that are restricted to registered users. 

    • Register Register

      You can register two types of users: individuals or organizations. Only individuals can do on their own. Organizations can be dedicated to a brand, a business, a shared mission, companies, universities, nonprofit organizations and other groups of individuals who share the same ideals.

      Are needed for registering basic data such as registering the name, email and telephone. Registered users can include more data to be more easily identified in the network.

      To register you must have previously accepted the terms and conditions and the privacy.

    • User Info User Info

      Manage and update the information the user is from this place. The pictures include personal or identifying the organization that replaced the original pictogram. This pictogram tells you if the user is registered.

    • Daily space Daily space

      This is the homepage after we recorded and reported on updates and publications that have made our contacts. It also allows us to update content when you wish.

    • The ethher The ethher

      The ethher is the most private of the network and can only be edited by the owner of the account. You will see that it has two very different areas: white space is public, the contents can be viewed immediately, and an area called Black postmortem, the content can only be viewed after our death.

      Each of these two areas has three five folders with subfolders, the organization has been designed to accommodate all users and that content can be adapted to their interests. Inside the folder is a small introductory text to guide users. This text and the unused folders or subfolders will not be in the public ethher user.

    • Own causes Own causes
      • New causes New causes

        It allows us to publish our causes, these will automatically be seen by our disciples, and those who follow us. Also will be seen by all those who visit us.

      • Accept comments Accept comments

        It allows us to accept or reject the comments that other users have made to our cause. Pressing the green light give our consent and the comment will be published, if you press the red light will delete the comment.

      • Edit causes Edit causes

        It allows us to tweak or remove our causes. If we remove a cause all accepted comments will be deleted and can not be recovered again.

    • Internal messaging Internal messaging

      From here you can access the conversations with different users, open the last messages that are sent and respond.

      Messaging another user is sorted by date of execution and visualization is in the form of conversation all the time we can see the history of sent and received messages with that contact.

      To open a conversation with a new user need to login to your ethher. Our contacts are those found in our libraries located in the following pictograms. 

    • Mentors Referents and I follow Mentors Referents and I follow

      This is our library where we collected our Mentors, our referents and the ethher that we follow. Clicking on the pictogram of each one you  access directly to this ethher.

    • Disciples, Followers and Visitors Disciples, Followers and Visitors

      From this library we can access the ethher of our disciples or the ethher of our followers and we can know the number of visitors of our ethher. 

  • Recommendations Recommendations
    • Summarized content Summarized content

      The extension of the published content depends on the user. However ETHicalHERitage recomend  that the  summarized information and concise facilitate a better reading.

    • Order Order

      You will see that your ethher are some folders with a brief introductory explanation on each. The intention is to sort the contents in order to facilitate the reading of the visitors. 

    • Original content Original content

      We discourage the use of links, it is likely that over time some of them ceases to be operational. ETHicalHERitage can only guarantee the display of original content that users post on its ethher.

    • Death communication Death communication

      The death of the user communicates through a single donation exceeding € 10 in  Triodos Bank headquarters in Girona (Spain). We recommend that the user stating in his will its donation.

Share your inner beauty

We want to immortalize and disseminate the ETHical HERitage of the people and the ETHical HERitage of organizations.